Hawaii is considered the melting pot of the pacific every ethnicity on the planet lives there and as beautiful as the islands may be there is side that not many outsiders know of and its in the form of super high cost of living and rock bottom wages. The struggle to get by is a common as apple pie and the sad reality is its acceptance. Its hard to see the a light at the end of the tunnel in any struggling situation and the majority is fighting this struggle that keeps everyone disconnected and focusing on there needs and you cant blame them right? This struggle of trading time for money is rampant across the country and continues to grow as people and thier families are a paycheck away from being homeless. It's our mission to provide opportunities and compensating our member for there efforts through company ownership, benefits, profit sharing and etc.What is important to you is important to us and that is family. But in addition to that we must look outside of our family and understand that we are responsible for each other and we must encourage and lift each other to success. Not like crabs in the bucket but as ants on hill. The truth is no matter what race, background, religion, wealth, social status in the end we all end up in a grave yard. Lets unite for a common goal and thats to get ourselves out of this financial rut and into a life of prosperity. What makes Hawaii a million time beautiful is not the island but the people. .