General Questions

Its great idea to measure the resting area of your appliance or have the store perform a site survey. They will send an expert to measure doors, hallways, waterline, hardwire, plug-in, appliance location, stairs, etc.

If its an emergency than cancel the order and have it rescheduled. If it’s a non-emergency and you still want it done on that day. Our delivery and install team will give you a 30 min call prior to arrival.

If it’s a straight installation than there is NO CHARGE! But if there is an out of scope or additional work or part that’s needed to finish your installation than YES CUSTOMER WILL BE CHARGED!

Credit Card or Check. Make all checks payable to D.A.S.H including Hawaii State Tax 4.712%

We have had our shares of difficult installation. When there is a problem it usually will cost time and money. We will be upfront with any cost.

Yes our licensed electrician or plumber will visit your home and perform the necessary changes for your appliances.

Its paramount. We believe we have an opportunity to build long lasting clients that develops into friendships. We treat every customer as we would want to be treated or those that we care about most.

Our installation professional will protect your floors prior to bringing heavy appliances into your home.

es, We also require our customer to respect the social distancing while our teams perform installation. They will masked, gloved and will wipe down the appliance and work area when completed.